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SALARY: R294 411 per annum, (OSD)

CENTRE: (Ref No: DSD 18/09/2023) Amathole: Butterworth LSO

(Ref No: DSD 14/09/2023) BCM: KWT LSO

(Ref No: DSD 15/09/2023) Joe Gqabi: Lady Grey LSO

(Ref No: DSD 16/09/2023) OR Tambo: Lusikisiki LSO

(Ref No: DSD 17/09/2023) Sarah Baartman: Pearston LSO

REQUIREMENTS: National Senior Certificate plus Bachelor of Social Work. The latest proof of registration with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) as a Social Worker must be submitted on the interview day. A valid driver’s license is a prerequisite, however, successful candidates who are not in possession of a driver’s license will be required to submit the proof within six (6) months from the date of assumption of duty. Competencies: Communication: Must be able to exchange information in a clear and concise manner with clients and supervisors including report writing.

Teamwork and collaboration: Must be able to work effectively within teams including social work teams and multidisciplinary teams. Valuing diversity: Must be able to work effectively, cooperatively, and amicable with persons of diverse intellectual, cultural, racial or religious differences. Planning and organizing: Must be able to plan and organize own work. Computer literacy: Must demonstrate basic computer literacy as a support tool to enhance service delivery. Trustworthiness: Must be able to build a positive relationship of trust with colleagues and clients.

Empathy: Must demonstrate compassion, be able to respect and build positive relationships with clients. Understanding social work values and principles: Must demonstrate social work values and the principles of human rights and social justice. Developing others: Must be able to develop, coach and foster long term learning of others.

DUTIES: Understanding social dynamics: Must be able to challenge structural sources of poverty, inequality, oppression, discrimination and exclusion. Understanding human behaviour and social systems: Must have knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and social systems Social Work Intervention: Must be able to intervene at the points where people interact with their environment in order to promote social well-being. Social empowerment: Must be able to assist and empower individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to enhance their social functioning and their problem-solving capabilities.

Social support: Must be able to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the functioning of individuals, families, groups and communities by enabling them to accomplish tasks, prevent and alleviate distress and use resources effectively. Protecting vulnerable individuals: Must understand and be able to provide social work services towards protecting people who are vulnerable, at risk and unable to protect themselves. Understanding social work legislation: Must demonstrate an understanding of social work policies, legislation and related legal and ethical social work practices.

ENQUIRIES: Amathole: enquiries may be directed to Ms Z. Habe Tel No: (043) 7116626 BCM: enquiries may be directed to Ms P. Kula Tel No: (043) 705-5675 Joe Gqabi: enquiries may be directed to Ms N. Duba Tel No: (051) 633-1616 Sarah Baartman: enquiries may be directed to Mr M Sipambo Tel No: (046) 636- 1484 OR Tambo: enquiries may be directed to Mrs Z Dlanjwa Tel No: (047) 531 2504 e-Recruitment Technical Support:

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