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SALARY : R147 036 per annum (Level 03)

CENTRE: Pretoria Head Office

REQUIREMENTS: A Senior / Grade 12 certificate. PSIRA Grade C certificate as compliance to Private security regulatory authority. Two (2) to three (3) years’ experience in the field of Security industry. Knowledge of access control (control of access to public premises and vehicle Act), movement of equipment or assets and stores. Knowledge of prescribed security procedures e.g., MISS, MPSS, Protection of information Act and Security related legislations/ regulations. Knowledge of emergency procedures.

DUTIES: Perform access control functions by controlling access and egress and determining whether visitors have appointments or the service that the visitor requires. Contact the relevant employee to confirm the appointment or refer the visitor to the relevant service delivery point. Complete or ensure that the access control register is controlled, and issue control documents/cards as required. Escort visitors to the relevant employees/venues where required. Operate X-Ray machines in performance of access control to detect unauthorized and dangerous equipment e.g., firearms and dangerous objects) where required.

Ensure that unauthorized persons and dangerous objects do not enter the building/premises. Perform proper lockups for all offices and access points. Identify suspicious conduct. Follow up on incidents. Report all the identified security breaches and non-compliance to the supervisor. Ensure safety in the building and the premises through undertaking building and the premises patrol to identify and check that doors are locked and unlocked as required, water leaks and taps are closed, fire hazards, exposed electrical contacts and other fire hazards emanating from, for instance chemicals. Lights, on and off as required, suspicious objects and packages.

Apply emergency procedures (in situation like bomb scares, riots etc.) and alert emergency services department management. Monitor and respond to the alarm system. Ensure that equipment/assets and documents do not leave or enter the building or premises unauthorized. Records should be in place by completing or ensuring that registers. to control the movement of the equipment, stores and documents are completed. Ensure that no equipment/assets and documents of the department leave the building/premises unauthorized.

Inspect vehicles entering and leaving the premises. Gather information and report on missing or stolen equipment and assets. Handle documents and point of entry according to classification and the prescripts. Ensure that all incidents are recorded in the occurrence book/register by handling incident reports according to classification and prescript. Operate control from room security equipment through monitoring of all movements e.g.

Events and activities within the department’s premises using CCTV equipment. Ensure that security systems are in good working condition. Immediately report all incidents monitored, report to the supervisor. Monitor all access points for effective access control. Report all identified noncompliance to security policy and procedure to improve office security. The successful candidate would be required to work shifts night shifts including weekends and public holidays.

ENQUIRIES: Mr. M Buys Tel No: (012) 336 8321

APPLICATIONS: Pretoria (Head Office): Please forward your application quoting the relevant reference number to The Department of Water and Sanitation, Private Bag X350, Pretoria, 0001 or hand deliver to Delta Continental Building, Corner of Visagie and Bosman Street, Pretoria, 0001.

FOR ATTENTION: Planning, Recruitment and Selection unit

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