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LIM366 – Bela-Bela

Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced candidates for appointment to the following election-related temporary positions in the administration of the Electoral Commission, a state institution established by Chapter 9 of the Constitution.

Period #1(01 April – 30 June 2021

Period #2(01 July – 30 Sep 2021)

Period #3(01 Oct – 31 Oct 2021)


AREA MANAGER – Bela Bela (X 2)

All-inclusive remuneration package of retainer fee R700 during non-registration or election events, R3000 for the month during registration & R3500 for the month during elections)

Minimum Requirements:  Must be a SA citizen and registered voter; must have at least 8 years professional, supervisory, or administrative work experience or previous area manager or Presiding/Deputy Presiding Officer experience.

Other requirements:

  1. Must reside or be familiar with the municipality and ward for which he/she is applying
  2. Must have knowledge of the municipality, its civil society structures, and leadership very well
  3. Must not hold any political position or be involved in any political parties’ campaigns
  4. Should possess a valid driver’s license and have access to a vehicle that can be used for work purposes and must be prepared to use the vehicle for official purposes
  5. Must have access to cellular phone and be prepared to use it for official purposes
  6. Must have a valid bank account and tax reference number
  7. Must be proficient in the relevant local languages of the municipality and ward for which he/she is applying

    Main responsibilities of the job:

1.          Assist with the recruitment of electoral staff;

2.          Confirm the availability of voting stations in advance in accordance with the provincial milestones;

3.          Assist with the logistical distribution of voting station equipment and registration/election materials and the supervision/coordination in that regard;

4.          Monitoring and replenishing of electoral logistics in particular ballot papers at the various voting stations;

5.          Act as a communication link between Registration Supervisors and the relevant local office of the Electoral Commission;

6.          Troubleshooting, support and problem-solving at voting stations in your area on registration day(s);

7.          Ensure the completion of attendance registers and replacement staff contracts at all the voting stations for the registration events;

8.          Collection of registration forms and other administrative materials from the voting stations (e.g. contracts, event diaries, attendance registers, and staff administration and payment documentation);

9.          Collection of registration materials (including REC forms, unused papers, unused materials, objection forms, and Zip-Zip machines);

10.       ensure the return of all registration and/or electoral materials required from voting stations within your area; and

11.       complete the Area Manager diary and ensure that the Registration Supervisors’ diaries are also fully completed.

Specific Criteria


No person shall be appointed who –

1.         is under the age of 18 years

2.         is not a registered voter

3.         is not a South African citizen

4.         has a criminal record, without consulting the CEO

5.                 is or has been a candidate in an election for the National Assembly, a provincial legislature or a municipal council in the last five years

6.         has been an office-bearer of a political party in the last 5 years

7.         has been an office-bearer of any other organization or entity that has party political aims during the last 5 years

8.         is related to an employee of the Electoral Commission in that specific municipality, without the approval of the PEO.

The Electoral Commission reserves the right to terminate the contract of an employee convicted of a serious criminal offense (s). It will also be incumbent upon all recruits to declare any offenses, as well as the fact that s/he does not have a high political profile and has not been politically active for a political party or held political office for at least the past five years.  The criteria will be applicable to all recruits and they must comply with these criteria prior to confirmation of appointment.

The above position is on a temporary basis.  The Electoral Commission will assess applications as per documentation submitted and contact only the successful candidates.  The Electoral Commission is under no obligation to fill the positions after advertising them.  Although advertised, it may be withdrawn, re-advertised, or filled by way of deployment, should it be considered in the interest of service delivery.  Applicants for the above positions should not have a high party political profile.  Online applications must in all cases be accompanied by a recent, updated comprehensive curriculum vitae as well as certified copies of driver’s license and identity document.  Failure to submit the requested documents will result in the application not being considered.  Please note that recommended candidates will undergo Political Party Liaison Committee verification and appointments will only be made upon positive feedback.



  Please note 

  • Applicants for the above position/s should not have a high party political profile.
  • All successful permanent candidates will be required to enter into performance contracts.
  • Should applicants be in possession of a foreign qualification, it must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).
  • All applications must include:
    • a covering letter with a recent, updated comprehensive curriculum vitae;
    • a copy of all qualification documents;
    • a copy of the identity document; and
    • a copy of the driver’s license (if required).
  • Failure to submit the requested documents will result in the application not being considered.
  • Please note that recommended candidates will undergo risk assessments, including inter alia the verification of curricula vitae, all qualifications, criminal and credit assessments, and appointments will only be made upon positive verification thereof.
  • A probation period of twelve months will be applicable to permanent employees.
  • The Electoral Commission will only correspond with short-listed candidates.
  • The Electoral Commission is under no obligation to fill the position/s and reserves the right not to make an appointment in the above post/s. Although advertised, positions may thus either be withdrawn, re-advertised, or filled by way of transfer or deployment, should it be considered in the interest of service delivery.


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