Location: East London 

Closes: 7 Nov 2020 
Job Type: Permanent & Full-time 
Business Unit: South Africa – Secure Solutions 
Division: Africa 
Reference: G4S/TP/3620871/198769

Remuneration and benefits will be commensurate with the seniority of the role and in compliance with company remuneration policy and practice.


Protection of client cargo and delivery vehicles (primary focus – client staff; secondary focus-  client vehicles and cargo) through operational command and control of escort vehicles.


  • Daily route risk assessment and review in conjunction with the relevant client operational and security staff.
  • Plan and coordinate orders for escorts to PSC; SSC; Cross-Docking.
  • Plan the swapping of vehicles in the field where dynamic escorts are practice (escort vehicle transferring from on delivery vehicle to another);
  • Manage and supervise Escort Team personnel discipline and behaviour, and ensure they are compliant with G4S Policies & Standard Operations Procedures.
  • Conduct daily roll-call off all Escort Team personnel.
  • Inspect Escort Teams to ensure they are dressed, equipped and tactically ready according to requirements before departing G4S Branch premises. (Alcohol tests , use of protective gear , valid drivers licence ,valid firearm competencies , use of right equipment,  weapons, etc .)
  • Inspect Escort Team vehicles to ensure they are roadworthy, fuelled and mission ready before departing G4S Branch premises.
  • Ensure that operational equipment (radios, vehicle tracking, CCTV) of every Escort vehicle is in working order, carried on-board and can communicate with the NCC and vice versa before departing G4S Branch premises.
  • Conduct morning briefings and afternoon debriefings to Escort Team prior to daily missions.
  • Confirm with the NCC all Escort Team staff present, vehicles mission ready, and equipment in working order before departure of the G4S Branch premises.
  • Ensuring that all Escort Teams leave G4S Branch premises in a timely fashion to arrive at depot at the required time.
  • Confirm with the NCC time of leaving G4S Branch premises.
  • Accompanying the Escort Teams to the Depot.
  • Confirm with the NCC time of arrival at Depot premises.
  • Ensuring that all Escort Teams park in a neat and orderly fashion outside Depot to allow for quick and efficient pairing with delivery vehicles to be escorted.
  • Informing Depot Management   all staff present, vehicles mission ready, and equipment in working order upon arrival.
  • Inspection Escort vehicles with Depot Management for compliance with agreed service level requirements.
  •  Ensuring that all Escort Teams are quickly and efficiently paired with delivery vehicles to be escorted.
  • Confirm with the NCC once all vehicles have been paired and left with their allocated delivery vehicles.
  • Discuss with Depot Management any issues arising from the previous day.
  • Monitor escort vehicle movements by radio/PPT with the crews and through the NCC.
  • Redeployment of escort vehicles to assist during incidents.
  • Communication with NCC, SAPs, other Emergency Services, and client Depot Managers during incidents.
  • Crime scene management if necessary.
  • Administrative management of G4S Escort Crews and Vehicles at G4S Branch.  (HR; FIN; Training; Fleet Management, Equipment maintenance and repair, etc.)


Qualification : 


Knowledge :

  • Logistics/Fleet management
  • Vehicle Route Planning
  • Escort Vehicle & Crew Operations
  • G4S Operational Policy and procedures
  • G4S HR Policy and procedures
  • Health and Safety legislation
  • G4S Business Ethics /preventing bribery and corruption
  • Knowledge of Basic Accounting


  • Client Liaison
  • Logistics Route Planning Skills
  • Escort Vehicle & Crew Operational Skills
  • Managing Conflict
  • Communication (Written and Verbal)
  • Negotiation skills
  • Computer literacy – MS Office


  • Leading People
  • Delivering Performance
  • Working with Complexity
  • Managing Professionally
  • Customer Thinking
  • Collaborating and Co-operating



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