Eskom | Senior Advisor Forensic Investigations FTC X10

Eskom | Senior Advisor Forensic Investigations FTC X10

Task Grade: X15

Area of Specialization : To conduct complex forensic investigations involving commercial crime and irregularities within the Eskom environment and to report on the results of such investigation.

Department: Assurance and Forensic

Business Unit: Forensic Investigation

Location: South Africa (Gauteng)

Reference Number: 50747878RM

Closing Date: 14/05/2021

Minimum Requirements

• B-degree or equivalent e.g. BA (Criminology) plus Honours
• B-Tech (Forensic Investigations)


• 5 years related experience
• Experience in the Investigation of crime (fraud and corruption) and knowledge of the criminal justice system.

Skills and Competencies
• Behavioural
o Integrity
o Honesty
o Trustworthiness
o Professionalism
o Ethical
o Coaching
o Mentoring
o Skills transfer
• Knowledge
o Determine whether or not a crime or irregularity has occurred
o Assess the nature of alleged contraventions in relation to the legislation/regulations/statutes
o Develop a plan of action by establishing how evidence will be collected
o Gather information/evidence sufficient to warrant legal action from a variety of sources (i.e. title/registration searches) and using a range of methods/techniques (i.e. police departments, informants and associates)
o Organise the preparation and process of legal documents and court orders (i.e. subpoena, search warrants, and summons)
o Analyse financial record/documentations/books
o Develop offender’s profile
o Investigate individuals and/or corporations/companies
o Assemble/consolidate/translate evidence into a coherent format for court preparation
o Provide evidence and/or recommendation for further action
o Develop investigative strategies adapting/modifying them to allow for complications resulting from extensive and intricate efforts to hide a violation
• Skills
o Ability to interrogate and analyse complex datasets to identify patterns and anomalies.
o Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally (including presentations) and in writing
o Professional and approachable in dealing with others
o Recognise a situation which requires sensitivity, diplomacy and tact.
o Communication skills and interpersonal skills
o Analytical skills
o Ability to work under immense pressure in the dynamic and fast-paced environment of forensics
• Assessment
o Is flexible and able to work long hours and travel on short notice/also extensive travelling
o Assess situations and exercise discretion and correct judgement in sensitive matters
o Confidentiality
o Effective decision-making

Key Responsibilities
• Conduct complex forensic investigations including fraud, corruption, irregularities and incidents of high risk/impact/losses to the organisation
• Formulate investigative strategies after conducting preliminary enquiries to include interviews, research and analysis
• Prepare investigative reports with findings and appropriate recommendations for senior management which are timely, articulate and thorough
• Communicate with all levels of management in a clear, concise and professional manner
• Conduct investigations within the framework of the Law of Evidence, compliance to relevant legislation and the prescribed procedures and manual.

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