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POST 13/01

REF NO: 04/DAC//2019

Directorate: Entities Management

SALARY : R697 011 per annum (all-inclusive salary package)

 CENTRE : Pretoria


Applicants must be in possession of a Bachelor of Commerce degree or a Diploma in Financial Management. 3 – 5 years Corporate Governance experience in a business management or public service environment. Extensive knowledge and understanding of Corporate Governance (finance and performance management) principles and compliance monitoring. Extensive knowledge and understanding of and the ability to interpret Financial Statements. Extensive knowledge and understanding of and the ability to interpret the Standards of Generally Recognized Accounting Practice (GRAP). Good research and analytical skills. Problem identification and solving skills. Project management skills as well as strategic thinking abilities. Computer literacy. Excellent written and verbal skills. Good interpersonal skills.


The incumbent will be responsible for the following: Coordinate the appointment and induction of Councils/Boards and ensure that a database of Council / Board members is maintained. Provide secretariat support to governance forums. Oversee the planning processes of public entities by ensuring that strategic plans 4 and annual performance plans are submitted and analyzed. Manage the performance of public entities by ensuring that shareholder compacts are signed with all public entities; quarterly reports are submitted and analyzed; and annual reports of public entities are tabled in parliament. Provide oversight to public entities through site visits and performance feedback sessions. Oversee the development and submission of the MTEF database and the Estimates of National Expenditure. Ensure that public entities adhere to all applicable legislative requirements.

ENQUIRIES : Ms N Ngcama Tel No: 012 441-3430

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