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CLOSING DATE : 16 August 2019

 REF NO: SG 04/19/11
SALARY : R122 595 per annum (Level 03)
CENTRE : AMHU GT, Pretoria
REQUIREMENTS : ABET (Level 1 – 4). Previous cleaning experience and supervision will be an
advantage. Must be physically fit. Special requirements (skills needed):
Knowledge of Batho Pele principals. Communicate effectively. Interpersonal
relationship skills. Basic knowledge of Health and Safety. Knowledge of
specific cleaning processes and aids. Knowledge of basic maintenance of
machinery with low level of complexity in operating it. Knowledge of basic hand
tools and cleaning equipment. Ability to operate cleaning machines. Ability to
work as a team leader. Basic numeric and literacy skills. References will be
DUTIES : Manage cleaning teams to provide general office/halls and hygiene cleaning
services. Undertake inspection of buildings and premises and report
deficiencies. Prevent the building up of refuse. Controlling and safe keeping of
equipment in care. Acquire and equipment. Render housekeeping (sweeping,
mopping, hovering, polishing, shampooing of chairs and carpets, dusting and
waxing of furnisher, cleaning windows and walls, cleaning toilets, washing
dishes, cutlery and laundry). Record and control the usage of household and
cleaning material. Ensures safe keeping of kitchen resources.
ENQUIRIES : WO2 S. Bekker Tel No: (012) 319 3152
APPLICATIONS : Department of Defence, South African Military Health Service, HR Services
Department, AMHU GT, Private Bag X02, 0031 or maybe hand delivered to
AMHU GT, 185 Rose Street, Riviera, Pretoria.