Broll | General Manager X1 (Umlazi Mega City Mall)

Broll | General Manager X1 (Umlazi Mega City Mall)

Closing Date 07 July 2023

Job Description


Responsible for the management of the retail shopping centre. Ensure investment growth and maximum income of centre and properties through effective management and asset control. Develops related budgets, prepare monthly forecasts, prepares management packs for clients, manage management meetings, oversees leasing contracts, procures services, handles third party service contracts, capital expenditure and directs maintenance procedures. Ensures that all buildings, grounds, and equipment are well maintained and in optimal working condition. Develops and implements departmental policies and procedures and ensures that all operations are in accordance with established health and safety regulations. Ensures that services purchased are of acceptable quality at the least possible cost. Keeps Senior Management well informed of area activities and significant problems. Trains, directs, and appraises assigned personnel.

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  • Assumes responsibility for the effective operations management of Centre and Properties and facilities.
    • Centre and Property Management
      • Keeps abreast of market activities in respect of tenant movement, new developments, major vacancies and other landlord’s strategies
      • Attends meetings / functions related to successful operation of Centre i.e. SAPOA, CJP etc.
      • Devises a five-year maintenance plan including allowances for provisions or depreciation where applicable (annually) for submission to the Assistant General Manager / Director
      • Investigates/initiates proposals for refurbishments
      • Maintains a hands-on control of projects in hand
      • Reviews the building status/grade annually and maintain the standards within those grade
    • Clients Reporting
      • Provides accurate information to clients according to agreed format timeously, including co-owned properties
      • Prepare and Manage monthly management meetings including co-owned properties
      • Analyses of monthly income / expenses
      • Monitors turnover rentals
      • Analyses of operating costs on a quarterly basis in terms of the approved forecasts
      • Monitors of all municipal recoveries (and general recoveries) on a monthly basis
    • Planning and Budgeting
      • Prepares and completes budgets by January each year
      • Completes of forecasts timeously
      • Reviews rental quarterly and ensure best possible rate achieved and maintained
      • Assists in formulation of business plans for the unit
      • 5 Year budget – preparation and control
      • Quarterly review and monitoring results
    • Quarterly Expenditure / Analysis
      • Sets and motivates Capex /TI philosophy per building in consultation with client
      • Approves TI standard specification as recommended by the Project Manager
      • Approves Capex within authority limits
      • Ensures we conform to Capex philosophy and procedures
      • Estimates new operating costs
      • Ensures recovery of operational costs in accordance with Lease terms
    • Debtors and Creditors Management
      • Undertakes monthly interaction meetings with Debtors, Debtors Manager and Leasing to ensure appropriate action taken and approve legal action
      • Credit Control and responsible for management of Arrears, Legal action and Write-offs
    • Parking Management
      • Attends monthly / ad hoc interaction meetings for all parking areas
      • In conjunction with the responsible person for parking, maintains accurate control of “in house” operated parking areas
    • Tenant Relations
      • Deals with correspondence / interaction with tenants as require
      • Ensures that leases are timeously renewed and all vacant space is let and in a presentable state
    • New Tenants
      • Determines and recommends letting mandates (i.e. rental levels, installation cost etc.)
    • Undertake lease negotiation and maintenance of tenant relationships
      • Controls new leases and records of same
      • Oversee Lease Administration
      • Controls / oversees new installations (through technical manager where appropriate) including: Premises design, negation/liaison/control with/of professionals and contractors and sign off acceptance of complete premise
    • Existing Tenants
      • Reviews lease agreements both direct and through building management where applicable
      • Oversee Lease Administration
      • Tenant liaison and public relations
      • Controls/arranges centre promotions through merchant’s association/s or promotion committee/s
      • Regular assesses tenants’ turnover, stock turn and merchandising to establish both growth needs and/or trading difficulties
    • Expense Control
      • Checks and authorises payment of accounts
      • Authorises cleaning, consumables, electrical and general maintenance orders
      • Controls wage and salary allocation
      • Controls municipal payments and recoveries there against
      • Ensures cost effectiveness and performance of contractors
    • Financial Management
      • Monthly financial statements
      • Monthly management reports
      • Accurate budgeting and reporting
    • Operating costs
      • Calculates operating costs for charge-out to tenants
      • Ensures recoveries as appropriate
      • Tenant mix i.e. what business should be established / recommended
      • Networking with tenants, public, external organizations
      • Issues tender documents
    • Expense control
      • Checks and approves payment of accounts
      • Controls cleaning, consumables, electrical and general maintenance
      • Controls municipal payments and recoveries there against
      • Ensures effective performance of contractors
      • Oversee Expense administration
    • Customer liaison
      • New Tenants
      • Lease negotiation
      • Maintenance of tenant relationships
    • Existing Tenants
      • Reviews lease agreements in line with pre-determined letting mandates
      • Tenant liaison and public relations
      • Plans, coordinates and controls centre promotions
      • Records tenant turnover levels
    • Public relations and Marketing
      • Establishes and maintains sound public relations
      • Attracts people to the centre
      • Advertising Materials
      • Motivates and assists tenants to improve their services
      • Oversee Marketing of the Centre and Properties
      • Grow Non-GLA Income and find opportunities hereof
  • Assumes responsibility for the effective repairs and maintenance of the centre and Property
    • Asset Management
      • Controls/schedules/implements regular preventative maintenance program in line with budget constraints
      • Motivation of refurbishments, major repairs as appropriate
      • Attends site meetings with contractors in respect of maintenance/expansion of projects
      • Monitors progress
      • Inspection / enforcement of tenant responsibilities during and on termination of lease terms
      • Liaises with appropriate Government, Provincial and/or local authorities
      • Responsible for Compliance of OSH Act
    • Maintenance
      • General Maintenance of Buildings and premises
      • All electrical, electronic, mechanical and air conditioning equipment
      • Complies with the O H S act and all other statutory requirements
  • Assumes responsibility for the security of all the Centre and Property facilities. Conducts scheduled inspections of security systems and implements improvements as necessary.
    • Occupational health and safety
      • The development of security action plans, systems and directives
      • The management of security guards on shift
      • The establishment and maintenance of an emergency preparedness programme
      • The training of Maintenance and Security personnel in Occupation and Health Safety
  • Assumes responsibility for the effective management reporting and records.
    • Oversees preparation of monthly, annual, and other management reports.
    • Assesses and reports on monthly performance against budgets.
    • Prepares and motivates consolidated monthly reports for submission to client
    • Monitor monthly management reports
    • Assess and report on monthly performance against budget
  • Assumes responsibility for ensuring professional business relations with tenants, suppliers, contractors, and trade professionals.
    • Works to develop and maintain productive business relations with vendors, suppliers, contractors, etc.
    • Acts as a liaison between the Company and external contacts.
    • Ensures effective coordination of external services with Company operations.
    • Obtains and conveys information as appropriate.
    • Promotes goodwill and a positive image of the Company.
  • Effectively supervises Centre personnel, ensuring optimal performance.
    • Provides leadership to assigned personnel through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication. Conducts regular meetings to ensure that personnel are well informed of changes in policies and procedures.  Discusses areas needing improvement.
    • Assigns and coordinates personnel. Directs daily operations.
    • Identifies, develops, and implements training programs as appropriate.
    • Conducts performance appraisals. Provides measurable feedback to assigned personnel and suggestions for improved performance. Formulates and implements employee corrective actions as needed.
    • Ensures that staffing levels are appropriate. Interviews, hires, and assigns personnel as necessary.


  • Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.
    • Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.
    • Completes special projects as assigned.
    • Reports on Operational expenses, foot traffic, security incidents etc.


  • Good communication and coordination exists with departments. Assistance is provided as needed.
  • Senior Management is appropriately informed of area activities and of any significant problems.
  • Operations personnel are well trained, effective, and efficient. Appropriate supervision and assistance are provided.
  • Company facilities are well maintained and secure and meet the needs of the Company.
  • Centre and Property operations are efficiently and cost effectively administered.
  • Current and Property and future Centre and Property needs are well planned and budgets are established and maintained.
  • Effective business relations exist with vendors, contractors, and trade professionals.
  • Be able to manage and lead a team efficiently and lead the SA Corporate Western Cape Portfolio of Centres and Properties.


  • Education/Certification: Matric
  • Additional related maintenance, Centre and Property management training preferred
  • Diploma/Degree in Business Management/Property Management
  • Related Property Courses


  • Excellent understanding of Centre and Property management procedures
  • Knowledge of budgeting, service contracts, and leasing agreements


  • Five or more years of related experience, with at least two or more years of supervisory experience


  • Excellent leadership abilities
  • Able to organize, coordinate, and direct team activities
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Able to use all related maintenance equipment and computer applications
Broll | General Manager X1 (Umlazi Mega City Mall) 1
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