AWS Skills Development Bursary Opportunities 2024

AWS Skills Development Bursary Opportunities 2024


Bursaries or scholarships related to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other technology-related skills development programs may exist, but I do not have details about such programs that were introduced after that date.


To find information about the AWS Skills Development Bursary or any similar opportunities, you can consider the following steps:

  1. Visit the AWS Website: Start by visiting the official AWS (Amazon Web Services) website. AWS occasionally offers training and certification programs, and they may have information about any related bursaries or scholarships.
  2. Check AWS Training and Certification: Look specifically at AWS Training and Certification programs. They may have information about financial assistance or bursaries for individuals seeking to develop skills in AWS.
  3. Online Search: Conduct an online search using relevant keywords such as “AWS Skills Development Bursary” or “AWS training scholarships.” You may find information about available bursaries or scholarships in search results.
  4. Contact AWS: If you find information on their website or through an online search, consider reaching out to AWS directly through their contact information to inquire about bursary opportunities, eligibility criteria, and application processes.
  5. Explore Related Organizations: Some technology companies, non-profit organizations, or educational institutions may also offer scholarships or bursaries for skills development in the field of AWS or cloud computing. It’s worth checking with these entities for related opportunities.
  6. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on technology news, blogs, and forums where individuals may share information about AWS-related bursary opportunities.

Bursaries for skills development in the technology sector can be highly competitive, so it’s essential to verify the most up-to-date information directly from the source or organization offering the bursaries. Additionally, be sure to check the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and requirements for any specific bursary program.


The Amazon Web Services Skills Development Bursary offers full cost bursaries to students who aim to study full time towards an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Commerce, Business Science, Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology. These degrees represent fields of relevance to the technology sector. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need and for studies at select South African universities.


The bursary prioritises students with a disability.

Who can apply

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying:

  • South African citizen
  • Strong academic and leadership potential
  • Achieved a minimum result of 75% for Mathematics and English in Matric
  • Achieved an overall average above 65% at Tertiary.

Bursary details

The Amazon Web Services Bursary will cover the costs (capped) of the following:

  • tuition
  • residence / private accommodation
  • subsistence
  • stationery and books
  • a personal computer
  • transport.

Selection criteria

Undergraduate Degree programmes:

  • Computer Science or Engineering and Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Commerce (specialising in Accounting and Finance)
  • Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical / Mechatronics / Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Education (specialising in Maths and Science).

Year level: First to final year students.

Postgraduate Degree Programmes:

Honours or Post Graduate Diploma and Masters Degree in:

  • Computer Science or Engineering and Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Commerce (specialising in Accounting and Finance)
  • Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical / Mechatronics / Civil Engineering.

Students with Disabilities:

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in all study Programmes.

Academic achievement:

  • Current Gr 12 learners with Mathematics and Physical Science marks of 75% and above.
  • Current university students who are consistently obtaining an average of 65% and above.

How to apply

  • Applications must be completed on StudyTrust’s online application platform to be considered for a bursary for next year.
  • Only applications from South African citizens will be considered.

Closing date

  • Application Season: 01 May to 30 November.
  • Please carefully read the instructions on our Bursary Applications page before beginning your application.



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