AVI | Internship Opportunities 2023

AVI | Internship Opportunities 2023

Closing Date: 16 July 2023

The AVI-Graduate Programme incorporates a holistic experience of mentorship, practical exposure and technical, leadership and business development opportunities. As one of our Graduates you will be exposed to a host of diverse corporate situations spanning from key improvement projects, CSI Initiatives, skills training and behavioural development. We have had the privileged of grooming many young ambitious professionals into successful leaders in our business and are excited to walk this exciting journey with you.

Why our Graduates choose AVI

  • Real exposure and practical learning in actual working environments
  • Encouraged to be involved and think of alternative solutions to genuine business issues
  • Constant mentorship, guidance and support
  • Meaningful work and opportunities to contribute
  • Accountability and ownership for quality and delivery

What you will need to be considered:


  • Sc or B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Food Sciences or BTech in Food Technology with a keen interest in pursuing a career in packaging
  • A B.Tech in Industrial Engineering with a minimum average of 70% in their final year studies
  • Com Supply Chain Management or Logistics Management
  • B.Sc / B.Eng in Chemical Engineering (Honours or Masters in Chemical Engineering would be highly advantageous)
  • A BEng or BSc in Industrial Engineering
  • A minimum average of 60% in the final year of studies

Additional Requirements:

  • Any vacation experience or part-time work would be beneficial
  • Must be willing to travel between sites
  • Must have a driver’s license

Winning Form | General Assistant X10

What makes you exceptional

  • You are an analytical thinker that is focused on finding solutions to problems, effectively gathering and analyzing information by asking probing questions and thinking things through
  • You focus on finding and documenting the facts to better understand the logic behind a problem
  • You can adopt a conceptual approach when developing new ideas; I identify the underlying principles of the problem and apply relevant theories when possible.
  • You are reliable and complete your work in accordance with deadlines
  • You focus on consistently delivering high-quality work by being meticulous and checking the detail of your work
  • You can build and strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships with others
  • You cope well with pressure by remaining calm and composed before and during important or stressful events
  • You are confident and articulate when you communicate and you can explain concepts to other people when giving presentations

How to Apply

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